Ketamine Addiction and Abuse in Bradford West Yorkshire

Abuse And Dependence To Ketamine

Addicted To Ketamine

Ketamine causes hallucinations and is a common party drug which young adults abuse. For human beings and animals, it is also used as anaesthetic.

Ketamine addicts show detachment from people and things around them and find it impossible to live a normal life.

The drug affects both the user's memory and their speech, a condition called cognitive impairment.

Look out for signs of Ketamine addiction such as

Overcoming Ketamine addiction on your own is not an easy challenge. The changes to the brain chemicals make it very hard for the user to give up the drug, even if they want to.

  • Increased usage
  • Longing for the next shot
  • Using more money
  • Forgetting obligations
  • Requiring higher doses due to tolerance
  • Not caring for family and friends

For a person to recover from Ketamine addiction, it is important that they seek the help of a health professional. To start to regularise dependent peoples' minds, having adequate medical care is the first step to overthrow the brain's chemical imbalance.

What Is Ketamine

Ketamine which has street names of Vitamin K, Special K, Cat Valium, Kit Kat, or Dorothy is an anaesthetic abused by people for recreational purposes. It is mainly used by younger generations at the club and bar areas.

Schedule III controlled substances is the classification of Ketamine, the same as Codeine and Anabolic Steroids.

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Schedule III drugs are those whose regular usage is linked to psychological dependence more than physical dependence.

The high which Ketamine produces does not last for long and a user quickly develops tolerance to it and consequently needs it in higher quantities to attain a high.

Without medical supervision, Ketamine use is forbidden.

Produced in liquid form, Ketamine can be used as an injection; as an off-white or white powder, snorted; or it can also be used as a pill. Ketamine turns its users into entirely powerless individuals, which is why many rapists use this substance to make their victims unable to defend themselves.

Signs And Effects Of Using Ketamine

A hallucinogenic drug, Ketamine produces dissociation and an overwhelming feeling of relaxation. Typically, the feeling lasts for less than 60 minutes. When taken in higher doses, Ketamine produces more intense effects, like user feeling complete detachment from his or her bodies, which is also described as "K-hole" effect.

Accidents and possibly fatal injuries may occur when a person is under the influence of this drug since numbness may also be caused by the drug's anaesthetic properties.

It is not easily determined by the user to measure what amount is excessive because of its eccentric nature. In case of usage with alcohol or other drugs, a little dosage of Ketamine can result into an overdose. The drug can also cause the user to be completely immobile due to its tranquilizing effects. Most of the people who've died from Ketamine overdose, died as a result of respiratory failure.

Mixing Ketamine With Other Drugs

Very often, users take Ketamine along with other drugs, and this mixing of drugs results in more severe side effects of Ketamine. Ketamine's liquid state can be effortlessly blended and added into liquor beverages, weed and tobacco products. It is very risky to mix Ketamine with alcoholic beverages because of its depressant effects on several systems of the body.

Dramatic decrease of heart rate and the respiratory system can be caused if Ketamine is mixed with other depressant drugs.

In powdered form, Ketamine is mixed with other drugs available in the same form, like ecstasy, and the user takes the combination as a capsule or pill. Ketamine and MDMA can be hazardous when mixing them together because Ketamine is a depressant and MDMA is a stimulant. Psychedelics like DMT and acid (LSD) have also been known to be mixed with Ketamine.