Cocaine Addiction and Abuse in Bradford West Yorkshire

Knowledge About Cocaine

Also known as coke, Cocaine alters the body chemistry to heightened elation and anxiety. It is an expensive and highly addictive stimulant that has earned its reputation among the affluent.

The body is filled with extreme happiness and alertness when the effects of the white floury drug reach the brain and the body. It can be diffused in water and shot up, but can be smoked too ("freebasing"), even though it is usually snorted. Other popular names of Cocaine are coke, blow, or powder. There are still a lot of people that are compelled to use Cocaine despite the well-known facts about its addictiveness.

If You Are One Of This Statistic Or Has Been Recurrently Abusing The Substance Seek Help As Soon As Possible

On a daily basis, there are about 1,800 first time users of Cocaine in America.

Cocaine Effects And Abuse

Since it is not a legal drug, any usage of Cocaine is regarded as misuse. The reason people are extremely happy when they take Cocaine is because it hikes the production of neurochemicals that induce happiness in the brain. Chronic users have learned to increase frequency of use to sustain the high and on the other hand, intravenous use of Cocaine is more predisposed to overdose.

These are the effects of consuming Cocaine

  • Talkativeness
  • Intense thrill or joy
  • Heightened perceptivity or alertness
  • Nervousness
  • Excessive confidence

These influences on the body however have a timeline which is determined by the method by which the drug way taken. If sniffed in powder form the 'high is fleeting lasting a mere half an hour. Even less, 5 to 10 min approximately, will last the effects of Cocaine if you inject or smoke it, but it will be more potent.

Cocaine use can take a toll on the heart and that is why it is extremely hazardous if used continuously and cardiac arrest or stroke is the most usual cause of death when it comes to repeated Cocaine abuse. Get assistance today for anyone your know that is addicted to Cocaine.

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Cocaine Abuse And Addiction

It might be difficult to realise Cocaine dependency because it is a habit-forming substance. The main symptoms of Cocaine addiction is knowing that it is dangerous and life threatening, yet can not stop consuming it. The physical indicators of dependency are indisputable, but it is the mental dependency that is commonly the most difficult aspect of dealing with an addiction to Cocaine. It is extremely difficult to quit using Cocaine when addiction develops.

An addict's body is conditioned to a new 'normal' when high which means they can not function without it. Tolerance will occur at the point when a person becomes addicted, as well as symptoms of withdrawal when that person quits using Cocaine. The reason for this is because the brain's reward process changes due to the fact that Cocaine enhances the level of dopamine in it extremely. Most addicts need rehabilitative or therapeutic treatment in order to kick the habit, while others have enough willpower to stop abusing it by themselves.

Cocaine And The Use Of Other Recreational Drugs

It was observed that Cocaine is often used with other recreational drugs. People who abuse Cocaine might also get addicted to other drugs, like weed or alcohol, as a result. Being addicted to more than 1 substance is called poly-drug and this condition is very dangerous as it increases the risk of overdose.

Alcohol can also cause recovering addicts to relapse because it is commonly used in conjunction with Cocaine. With this observation, recovering drug patients are highly barred from exposure to both substances. The most lethal combination to involve Cocaine is when it is mixed together with heroin (also called "speedball").

Cocaine Statistics

Compared to other illegal drugs, Cocaine is responsible for a majority of all the emergency room related incidences of drug abuse. Close to 70% of these patients have multiple drugs found in their body.

Cocaine Dependency And Its Treatment

Cocaine abuse may be very challenging to overcome. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, so with assistance the battle can be successfully won. Act now and discover your road to a sobriety from Cocaine dependency today.